is a process methodology that can be applicable to produce every precise jewellery pieces. Developed from WCJ’s corporate philosophy, incorporates wisdom with the sophisticated inlay technology. By injecting , our quality of products and services, as well as production management are enhanced.
WCJ, the first organization to use microscopes in each phase of the production process, which significantly magnify and enhance inlay precision and product quality, as well as to highlight the brightness of diamonds.


Stones are set in a more accurately way which requires higher-level craftsmanship and equipment aid. It gives a very fine, uniform and sparkling look of the jewelry piece while compared to the traditional setting.


As being set under microscope, the prongs which used to hold stones are relatively small in size and evenly distributed. The holding stone areas are virtually small.
More light can enter into and reflects off from surface. Thus, it enables the stone look fire, more obvious and brighter.


For a same design, the entire outlook of the jewelry piece is totally different from the traditional setting. The visibility of design or theme of the piece can be shown more obvious especially for angles, curve, linear and 3 dimensions.


is a trademark representing our quality assurance and consistency that covers allactivities.